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Finally, the required thickness is achieved in a four-high six-stand tandem finishing mill (F 1 to F 6) at a finish rolling temperature of 870 - 900ºC, depending on the grades. Centrifugally cast high chrome rolls are used for the purpose of work rolls of six finishing mill having a barrel length of 2000 mm and a diameter ranging from 660 mm ...

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It's the best solution for rolling silicon steels and special steel grades. Depending on your product mix, we can provide the RCM in tailored design, as e.g. 4-high, 6-high, 18-HS or 20-high. What makes the mill so efficient is that you can set the number of passes and the rolling speeds to suit your program.

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A twin stand mill with a rougher stand before the steckel mill is suitable for an output of 800,000 tonnes a year. Features. Mill types: 4-high work roll shift mill; 4-high Pair Cross mill (PC mill) with on-line roll profiler and dynamic PC option for dynamic Automatic Profile and Flatness Control (APFC).

SmartCrown work roll contour of a 4

formation of this strip camber, a force controlled edger is proposed, see Figure 1. Initially, the upper work roll is positioned with some clearance above the resting strip. In the following step, the required rotational speed is applied to the work roll, and the work roll is lowered to the final strip thickness.

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A four-high mill has four rolls, two small and two large. A cluster mill has more than 4 rolls, usually in three tiers. These types of mills are commonly used to hot roll wide plates, most cold rolling applications, and to roll foils. Historically mills were classified by the product produced:

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Roll camber. With the aid of the Innoval Stack Deflection Model, we can investigate the change in shape of the roll. Using the geometric information of the mill and considering the crown being used, we can determine the change in the roll gap due to the change in load.

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In this work, finite element simulations have been performed to model camber and lateral movement during hot rolling. To verify the results, experiments were made in MEFOS's pilot plant mill.

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Size tolerances on true bar products are smaller than for plate products. This is primarily because true bar products are smaller than large mill plates and are produced on equipment with better control over the width and thickness. The camber (edge curvature), flatness and twist of …

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The larger backup roll positioned against the smaller work roll reduces separating forces and permits the rolling of wider and thinner materials with a more uniform gauge. 4-Hi Mills are cost-effective and produce a wide range of sheet products with precise control over finished product quality. These Reversing Mills offer considerable ...


The heart of the temper mill is the cold rolling mill stand which produces the temper pass. It will include electric powered drive motors and speed reduction gearing suited to the process desired. The design of the rolling mill can be a 2-high or 4-high (even 6-high in some cases). The mill stand can be work roll driven or back up roll driven.


Cold Mill Back-Up Rolls. Description: Back-Up Rolls for cold strip mill, Forged Steel Back-Up Rolls is mainly used in 4 Hi and 6 Hi mills, the diameter of roll barrel can be 350mm-1500mm. Material: Forged Steel, Chromium 3%, Chromium 4%, Chromium 5% or as per the customer`s requirement. Barrel Diameter: 1500mm maximum. Unit weight: 25mt/pc

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The Butech Bliss 2 Hi or 4 Hi temper mill solution uses the world famous Bliss technology supplied to mills throughout the world. The temper mill solution is the ultimate when stress equalized and surface improvement or high productivity is required. A temper mill line is a high …


When specifying work roll grades for wide strip mills, roll manufacturers ... breakage of work rolls and in particular for 4-Hi work rolls. .... removal, correct roll camber, prevention of cobbles etc., are necessary to prevent as many causes of local... More details » Get Price

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Four-High: A 4-HI mill may be used for finish rolling of thin gauge stock. 6-HI roll inserts are also available for narrow width ribbon and foil products. Combination: A combination rolling mill is a versatile "two-in-one" type of metal rolling mill that permits both 2-HI and 4-HI rolling operations.

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formation of this strip camber, a force controlled edger is proposed, see Figure 1. Initially, the upper work roll is positioned with some clearance above the resting strip. In the following step, the required rotational speed is applied to the work roll, and the work roll is lowered to the final strip thickness.


Sep 01, 1976· The effect of deleting the backup roll taper has been to increase the cal­culated work-roll camber over the whole range of strip widths rolled. Since rolls are ground using a cam to control the profile, there was no difficul­ty in implementing such a work-roll profile on the Westernport mill by introducing a new cam with the required profile.


The numbers, the ground influence ratio of work roll bending force in 4-high mill were calculated and the hexad multinomial fitting coefficients of work roll bending force influence ratio revised ...

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Review on cold rolling mill roll deformation . 4 High speed 4 4 Hi 4 Work rolls – 2, . profile called as camber which is in microns only can be given on the . Trò chuyện với bán hàng » Aluminium rolling models: work roll camber - Innoval . An example of how …

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Oct 10, 2016· If stiffer rolls are used, namely roll material of high stiffness or elastic constant, then mill spring can be avoided. Normally elastic constant for mills may range from 1 to 4 GN/m. Roll elastic deformation can result in uneven strip thickness across. Roll material is to have high elastic modulus for reducing the roll deformation.

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polished surfaces may also impact roll / mill capabilities. The illustration shows a 4" root diameter roll set with 0.010" stepup (Stepup - increase in roll root diameter from F1 to F2 and F3). With a 0.010" stepup (and proper mill drive trim) the fin passes will provide a stretch of …

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cold rolling mill is of the type where shifting of both first intermediate and inner second intermediate rolls are possible. The rolls are numbered and defined as: 1. Work roll, diameter between 50-75 mm. 2. First intermediate roll (tapered), diameter between 90-105 mm. 3. Inner second intermediate roll (CVC roll), diameter between mm. 4.


The new SmartCrown profile and flatness control technology was first adopted in a wide strip tandem cold rolling mill. Through studying on the function structure and characteristic parameters, this paper deduced a way to determine the SmartCrown work roll contour. The effect of roll contour characteristic parameters on the roll gap profile was further analyzed.

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If the cold mill rolls or hot mill coils have too little crown, the mills will roll out the edges and create edge wave (see Figure 9). This is fairly common in mill master coils. Mill work rolls and backup rolls bend and compress under the vertical loads it takes to reduce plate or sheet coil thickness.

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STANDARD ASTM MILL TOLERANES AMER Hot Dipped/Metallic-Coated Sheet Over 12 Inches Wide (ASTM 924/97A) Camber is the deviation of a side edge from a straight line, the measurement being taken on the concave side with a straightedge. The camber tolerances for sheet in cut lengths, not resquared, are as shown in this table. Cut Length Thru 4 incl.

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      The PC Hammer Mill, MTW, MTM Medium Speed Trapezium Mill, Ball Mill and the LM, LUM Vertical Mill cover all requirements of crude, fine and ultrafine powder production in the industrial milling field. Production of free combination from 0 to 2500 meshes can be realized. No matter which industry you are in, chemistry, energy, construction material or metallurgy field, SBM will always meet all your demands.