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Abstract: The Bond work index is a measure of ore resistance to crushing and grinding and is determined using the Bond grindability test. Its value constitutes ore characteristic and is used for industrial comminution plants designing. Determining the Bond work index …


The Bond work index W i is used as a measure of grindability of an ore (Deniz, 2003; Wills and Napier-Munn, 2006). The work index expresses the resistance of the material to grinding. It represents the kilowatt hours per tonne required to reduce the material from


The Bond work index is not solely a material constant but is influenced by the grinding conditions. For example, the finer the grind size desired, the higher is the kWh/t required to grind to that size. Magdalinovic [38] measured the Bond work index of three ore types using different test screen sizes. He produced a correlation between the mass of test screen undersize per revolution, G, and ...

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BOND WORK INDEX. The Bond Work Index is a factor that measures the energy consumed in size reduction operation of the ore. The Bond's Work Index equation is: W=WI* (10/√P80 -10/√F80) where. W= the energy input (Work input) per ton, kwh/metric ton. WI= Work Index= specific energy per ton, kwh/metric ton (characterizes the ore)

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Work Index, Work Index Efficiency, Bond Work Index testing 4.INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND The Bond method allows for quantification and com-parison of relative energy efficiencies of most industrial comminution circuits. It is an essential tool for managing the important business (cost) of grinding. For early analyses of plant grinding ...

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Bond Work Index Formula-Equation Basic EquationsSize Distribution and Exposure RatioEquations For Work Index VariationsWork Index and Crack Energy The basic work index equation is:W = 10 Wi/√P – 10 Wi/√F(1)where W is the work input required in kilowatt hours per short ton to grind from 80% passing F microns to 80% passing P microns, and Wi is the work index, or the grinding resistance ...

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Bond Ball Grinding Mill Work Index Mobile Crsuher Portable. Bond Grinding Work Index Of Indian Iron Ore [2], the operating work index (Wio) of an existing grinding circuit can be calculated, given known mill power draw, throughput, feed and product size distributions. kWh/t = Power applied per ton of feed to the grinding


Jan 21, 2015· work index crushing - 26 May 2013 bond ball mill work index test standard pdf -- Grinding Mill Gulin Least News construction waste crushing plant for sale in australia ? bonds crushing law and work index. What is bond's law of crushing - Answers. Where Kb is a constant that depends on the type of machine and on the material being crushed.

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the work index depending on the grind size. In this way, work index values are usually obtained for some specific grind size that characterizes the grinding operation to design or under evaluation. This study was carried out in a standard bond ball mill 305 mm x 305 mm size


The work index Wi was defined by F. Bond as the specific energy (kWh/ton) required to reduce a particulate material from infinite grain size to 100 microns. The calculation is based on the size-energy relationship e1,2=C.(1/x2n–1/x1n ), which for n = 0.5, x1 = ∞ and x2 =100, by definition gives e∞, 100 = Wi and consequently C=10Wi. In theory, for a given material the value found for Wi ...

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8.1 Grinding 8.1.1 Grinding action Industrial grinding machines used in the mineral processing industries are mostly of the tumbling mill type. These mills exist in a variety of types - rod, ball, pebble autogenous and semi-autogenous. The grinding action is induced by relative motion between the particles of media - the rods, balls or pebbles ...

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There is evidence that Bond work index is significantly reduced by heavier blasting (Nielsen and Kristiansen, 1996). There is, however, recent research that suggests that while significant softening is seen at the crushing stage there is little change at the grinding level (Katsabanis et al, 2003, 2 papers). The work by Katsabanis is

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Generally, Bond work index is a common method for selecting comminution equipment as well as estimation of grinding efficiency and calculating required power. In the current research, a simple, fast and accurate procedure is introduced to find the

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There is evidence that Bond work index is significantly reduced by heavier blasting (Nielsen and Kristiansen, 1996). There is, however, recent research that suggests that while significant softening is seen at the crushing stage there is little change at the grinding level (Katsabanis et al, 2003, 2 papers). The work by Katsabanis is

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Drop Weight Index (DWi) and the coarse ore grinding index (M ia). Test data from the Bond ball mill work index test is used to calculate the fine grinding index (M ib). The M ia and M ib indices are used to calculate specific energy for the coarse (W a) and fine (W b) components of the total grinding specific energy at the pinion (W


Strenuous work and the use of heavy or specialized protective clothing also have an additive effect. As a result, the risk at a specific heat index could be higher than that listed in the table above if the work is in direct sunlight without a light breeze, or if work involves strenuous tasks or the use of heavy or specialized protective clothing.


Ball Mill Work Index tests using crushed feed, and Standard Autogenous Grinding Design (SAGDesign) Tests, patented by Outokumpu. (See reference 8 below). The comparison of these results gives context to how the various measurements relate to each other and how they can be used to obtain an accurate design for the grinding mills required for


Modeling The Specific Grinding Energy And. 2 modelling the specific grinding energy and ballmill scaleup ballmill scale up bonds lawdata zbond work index w i zfeed d f and product d size both 80 cumulative passing result the specific grinding energy w mill power draw p wt where t the mill capacity mill dimensions from tables or charts. Online Chat

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Bond Work Index. In the 1930s through early 1950s, Bond developed a new theory of comminution that introduced an index, called the 'Bond Work Index', which relates power consumption in crushing and grinding to the feed and product size distribution. His theory and index were introduced in a widely cited 1952 journal article. Bond called his theory the "third theory of comminution", counting ...

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Bond Work Index. The ball mill work index laboratory test is conducted by grinding an ore sample prepared to passing 336 mm (6 mesh) to product size in the range of 45-150 µm ( mesh), thus determining the ball mill work index (Wi B or BWi) The work index calculations across a narrow size range are conducted using the appropriate ...


Keywords: work index, Bond method, kinetic grinding test, grindability, ball mill Introduction The standard Bond (1952; 1961) method is widely used in the course of design, selection, scale up, energy calculation and performance evaluation of grinding circuits in mineral processing industry.

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Harig's benchmark precision v-block fixture has improved toolroom productivity since 1951. The original patent holder, copied but never duplicated, is the most accurate indexer of its kind available today. Time tested for high precision work within "tenths," the Grind-All No. 1 sets the standard for grinding punches, core pins, and EDM electrodes.


Grinding Solutions can carry out Bond Rod Mill Work Index tests to determine the energy requirements for milling ore in a rod mill. The test requires a minimum of 20kg of -12.5mm material. Closing screen sizes typically range from 4.75mm to 212µm. Abrasion Index Test

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work index (W i) with respect to each grinding cycle. According to the standard procedures, for the determination of the work index, 3350µm required samples were - prepared. The standard Bond grindability test is a closed cycle dry grinding and screening process and it is carried out until ...

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Experiment with Scrap Glass Before You Work with Your Pieces: Every type of glass will grind a little differently. It all depends on the thickness and fragility of the glass, as well as its texture and the shape. Before you start grinding on a new project, get a feel for how the glass grinds by …

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