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Worr Game Products (WGP) - Karnivor Autococker Reviews, 01:38 PM Worr Game Products (WGP) Karnivor Autococker i bought my first karni for $400 with zero b board and nexus ram and qevs. unbelivable is all i can say. i was blown away. before i got a really decent high-end i always used my buddie's shocker and...

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To bring back one of the most Iconic Custom Autococker Brands of all time. We pride ourselves on making high-quality, traditional style autococker parts along with limited runs of the widely-revered custom FreeFlow.

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Both of the N Frames frames are use an internal high pressure regulator located in the grip frame. Pyro Body – Nummech also released a new Autococker body. The milling style is not new from Nummech, they have made guns that look very similar to the…

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After buying and testing one of every autococker part still manufactured in the industry and comparing them against one another, only the best were selected to be used on fully built X1 guns. Parabolic's Phi Barrels CCM's 45 Trigger Frame CCM 's Aluminum 90 Fittings Palmer Pursuit's LT Valve Maddmann's Cocker Spring Kit

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Pre-2k Banjo Bolt courtesy the Autococker Part ID Page. The mini cocker just refers to where the front of the body starts. In a full-length Autococker, the body has space for a vertical ASA (where your regulator screws into) between your grip frame and your front block. Cutaway Autococker #10, an example of a full-length Autococker, courtesy ...

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Welcome to Custom Cockers . We have created this website to show the work of many talented airsmiths and companies that have used their creative talents to modify and enhance the performance and appearance of the WGP Autococker.

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Sep 01, 2006· Mad Up'd Black/ Blue B2K4 PDS 1 of 1 Black/ Blue B2K4 PDS closed bolt pump Crazy milled Silver B2K2 X-Mill Mad Up'd 2000 Black/ Silver Autococker My ICDO feedback. 24+/0-Check out our site for a complete list of our services.

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Oct 30, 2012· Take a look at the back block. It is similar to the standard 2000 autococker's block, but is anodized to match the rest of the body. Take a closer look at the custom milling and Black Magic logo on the autococker side. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the milling below the cocking arm. The body is completely drilled through.


Boston Paintball has once again teamed up with Inception designs to write the next chapter in the Legendary TWSTR series of markers. Utilizing the refined and bulletproof Inception Designs RETRO Series Autococker platform, a perfect balance of old school feel fused with modern technology to produce the best mechanical marker to date.


Sep 24, 2013· Autococker by John Gross of Florida Paintball Center - Duration: ... Milling the Inception Designs Axe FLE Bodies (Made in the USA) - Duration: 9:45. PbNation Paintball 7,427 views.

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The milling is very aggressive and to be honest, there is so much material that has been skillfully taken off the Worr Games body that I'm surprised that the sculpted aluminum stays in one piece. The back of the body has the contoured hump that is similar to the Orracle's.

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Autococker and Pump Gallery "Custom". 147 likes · 3 talking about this. Gallery of custom built Autococker, anodizing, milling and rare markers.

Autococker and Pump Gallery "Custom"

New pyro project Autococker 😃 The milling has a somewhat new approach - its body, front block, and back block are milled simultaneously to ensure everything matches up …

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Nummech's customized marker bodies are manufactured entirely in-house which allows new levels of customization beyond any factory autococker body. The body's enhancements and milling patterns cannot be replicated on factory markers. Nummech bodies are fabricated in small batches, making them highly rare due to their limited production.

Autococker barrel threading and freak boring

The most intricate and complex milling ever produced for a paintball marker now decorates a full-length Autococker body kit. Necrococker mid-block body The bizarre cosmetics found on our Necro series bodies has been grafted onto a shorter midblock Autococker body kit.

Carter Machine Milled ABC Autococker

My 'Green Cannon' right-feed Autococker with Paintball Mania FW71 tank and custom L-stock: The Doc9098 Twin Gun. Tippmann Model 98 on the bottom, AGD Automag on top. The Lava 'Cocker. Detailed custom milling, custom front and back blocks, aluminum grip frame. [

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WGP E-ORRACLE AUTOCOCKER BODY Up for sale is a WGP E-Orracle Autococker marker body with Factory Gloss Clear to Copper Anodizing. This body comes with matching Front Block. Nickel Banjo Bolt Screw and 15* Vertical ASA. This is a top of the line …

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Doc's Paintball Shop and Whiteboard Webcomic Store Our modest collection of wares, including paintball T-Shirts (keep an eye out for our periodic special-order runs) Whiteboard books (Alaska's Coolest Webcomic) Paintball Motivational Posters, gearbags and mousepads, and of course our line of Doc's unique creations, including Automag Barrel Adapters, Eye Patch E-Blade eye hole covers, Tanto ...

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Jun 06, 2015· I can autococker thread you twist lock barrel and in some cases shorten it if you like $35 Freak boring service to make your barrel accept freak inserts. $30 If you get both AC thread and Freak boring done to the same barrel $60 return shipping $4 Shoot me a PM and let me know what barrel you have and what you want done. I might want you to send me a picture of the barrel before you ship it to ...

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Apr 10, 2014· •Thin flat diagonal milling (or "ribs") on the back top tube on autococker bodies, which Marc Pascual identifies as, "Shark Gills." This Cocker was likely cut earlier, . Adam Schultz's raw Left feed cocker body with breech cut hole and wide shark gills. •Wide flat line diagonal shark gill milling on the top and lower tube.

Feedneck Adapter Milling Mod [ZDSPB Custom]

The Autococker's mechanical 4 way valve is replaced by a solenoid driven 4 way valve. This is a compact, low pressure, low flow (relative the pressures and flow rates handled by the Autococker's main exhaust valve) valve that is actuated by a tiny solenoid inside. ... The milling pattern on the Eclipse body was stylish, but not severe. Some ...

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Jun 06, 2015· I can autococker thread you twist lock barrel and in some cases shorten it if you like $35 Freak boring service to make your barrel accept freak inserts. $30 If you get both AC thread and Freak boring done to the same barrel $60 return shipping $4 Shoot me a PM and let me know what barrel you have and what you want done. I might want you to send me a picture of the barrel before you ship it to ...

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